Commentary by Isabella Lövin (MP) on flight notes & # 39; s – P4 Västmanland

Expressen writes in an article that Isabella Lövin often opts for expensive business class tickets, despite the chancellor's guidelines on choosing the cheapest option.

– I am also Minister of Development and I am one of the ministers who travel the longest, and I must be fresh and fresh when I am on the plane. I may also have to work on the plane, "she says.

Lövin was in Västerås to meet members of the party and general in the central city, and P4 Västmanland raised some questions about the information in the article.

Does not it work with a cheaper ticket?

– No, it does not. For example, you can not read documents if you are sitting next to other passengers, who can easily see what you are working with.

– The guidelines are followed and tightened during the term of office. It is the expedition manager who gives his approval, and I have not done anything wrong with this. That is because I can do my job, says Lövin to P4 Västmanland.

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