Customers want O & # 39; boy – requires a message from the company

Karina Westerholm & # 39; s daughter Bella has been carrying O & # 39; boy and fast noodles as an intermediary for quite some time.

But for a few weeks the glass has remained empty next to the noodles – like the scales of O & # 39; boy in the supermarkets, something the Aftonbladet noticed.

Bella misses the chocolate drink next to the noodles.

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"My husband was shopping at Willys two weeks ago, when there was no O & # 39; boy, they had nothing at City Gross either, and it was strange that two big stores do not have it on their shelves, Karina says.

"No clear message"

Karina Westerholm, who lives in Karlskrona, was in stores yesterday. Still empty on the shelves.

– Then I asked the staff why it did not come in. They replied that they had floating answers from the supplier and did not have a clear message.

This is how the boards of O & # 39; boy looked at Ica Kvantum in Sickla on Wednesday.

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Bella is not satisfied with substitutes for the popular chocolate drink (and hopes that her dentist will not read this article) in anticipation of a new delivery, says Karina.

What did you get for answers from store staff?

– Nothing but suppliers have had a hard time getting out. It was very vague. "No, we can not deliver it yet, but it's over." It is not sure that next week too.

Klaus-Peter, 43, sells O & # 39; boy for $ 5,000

Someone who sees the chocolate drink crisis as an opportunity to make money is Klaus-Peter Beiersdorf from Stockholm. In an advertisement on Blocket he sells a batch of packages – with a start bid of 5,000.

"The boy's crisis is there, which is why we now sell three batches in the original packaging to the highest bidder", the ad says.

"I did some fun," he says laughing.

This is how the ad looks on Blocket.

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Klaus-Peter tells him that he was surprised when a person listened and offered SEK 4 500 for the portion pack.

"If someone really gives me $ 5,000, I will certainly sell it, you can now earn a hack if people are desperate for the much desired brown gold.

Klaus-Peter writes in the advertisement he sends with a free message to the winner of the bidding.

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O & # 39; boy: "See you in schedule"

Comments and messages on O & # 39; Boy & # 39; s Facebook page share the frustration of many other customers who need a clear message.

"We are sorry that our products are temporarily no longer available, and we are committed to making our products available again as soon as possible", the company writes in a reaction.

When the product returns to the store shelves, it is still unclear.

"We are currently setting up a new production line for O & # 39; boy, unfortunately the installation has slowed down somewhat, which means that the production has also declined a bit in the schedule.When the new production line is installed, O & # 39, boy replenished and distribution to the stores as usual, "said Celin Huseby, Nordic Communications Director at Mondelez, at Aftonbladet.

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