Death seems to be an accident – Åtvidaberg –

It was Thursday morning at 5 pm that large-scale policy making took place in the resort because of what was described as "an alleged gross violent crime". From the beginning the police had good luck, but on Friday night they seemed to have taken a picture of what had happened.

"In principle you have written off the crime suspicions, technicians and doctors have investigated this and it looks like an accident," says Torbjörn Lindqvist, officer in charge of the Eastern police region.

Can you say something about what kind of accident?

– No, I can not do that.

It remains to analyze the results of the autopsy of the body. Many, however, suggest that it was not a murder but an accident.

"As long as there is nothing new that would change this," says Torbjörn Lindqvist, adding:

– This is still a death for the police.

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