Democracy Institute receives serious criticism – News

Approximately 30 employees and former employees of the Stockholm-based Idea testifies in the assessment by the KPMG audit firm of silence culture, discrimination and strict hierarchy.

The secretary-general, former prime minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme, is focused on result-oriented and determined, but also on an authoritative and light manner, writes Omvärlden.

Sweden has shattered the contributions to Idea. This revealed, after an anonymous letter earlier this year, that Leterme paid lawyers with more than 600,000 crowns of aid funds to avoid income tax in Belgium. He will also be replaced almost half a million by Idea for taxation.

Regarding the tax dispute, KPMG finds that Idea has not made a formal legal mistake, writes Omvärlden.

The audit report that you have clearly read, at least in part, completely relieves me of all false accusations in the anonymous letter. As a journalist, you must write and publish the truth. I have informed you about that now, "Yves Leterme says to the reporter of the newspaper.

He repeats the same answer to all questions, a total of 15 times.

The government's criticism of Leterme's actions is firm.

Although it is not legally correct, this is not a correct and fair way to use aid and tax money, "says foreign secretary Eva Svedling (MP) at the World Environment.

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