Died for membership of IS – released on foot – P4 Göteborg

The man is 22 years old and lived in the Gothenburg area for many years before he was arrested in 2016 in Greece, on the border with Turkey.

He was arrested together with a man at the age of 30 who had previously been convicted of a prison sentence in connection with terrorist crimes. He also comes from Gothenburg.

The police suspected that men would go to Syria to join the Islamic state. 2017 were both sentenced against their denial to a maximum of fifteen years in prison for membership of a terrorist organization and possession of war material.

The men appealed to the punishment and after a new lawsuit they received a reduced sentence at the beginning of June of this year. The elderly up to nine years and the younger up to seven years and three months.

Despite that it has The 22-year-old can now return to the family in Gothenburg. The UD can not reveal why he was released at the same time, although there would still be a few years in prison.

"We have no information about it and, when released, he is no longer a consular case for the foreign government," said Rasmus Eljanskog, communicator UD.

So far the other man is still in the Greek prison. According to information provided to P4 Göteborg, however, he will also be released in the short term. But there is nothing that the UD can confirm at this time.

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