DNA test released suspected rapist SVT news

The man was suspected of two serious rapes that took place in Malmö in May and June of this year. In both cases there was an attack in which the perpetrator used a lot of violence.

The police wanted to take the man and left with a so-called fantasy violence. After this, the 38-year-old was arrested and arrested. But on Sunday morning the results of DNA excavations came – and they show that the man is innocent.

"The results of the DNA analyzes were negative, which means that we now know with certainty that not the fake 38-year-old man is the culprit, I have now written off all suspicions against the man and released him," police researcher Ola said. Lavie in the press office of Malmö in a press release.

"Now we are working on what we have in the research and we are happy to receive further public tips that can help us further

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