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The Sunday walk of the Syndra Sunday in Årstadal in the south of Stockholm ended with the first aid. Syndra stuck himself to a bad boy – disgusting, most people think, but in this case too dangerous. Syndra has become very bad. She did not want to go and her mat seemed full, but she did not suspect that the vet would later discover that the dog had drugs.

She lay and dangled in bed, hardly hurried over her head, was intact and kissed with her eyes. When she got up, she was very nice and loyal. I thought it was something neurological and went to the vet urgently, who immediately wanted to do a drug test, "Caroline told Stockholm Direct.

Problem in Berlin

According to Caroline, the vet said it happened at least once. And in 2013 the German magazine Der Tagesspiegel reported that dogs in Berlin droppings of drug addicts in the largest parks in the city have become a growing problem.

Fred Nyberg is professor of biological addiction research at the University of Uppsala and has studied the effects of cannabis. He says to TT that a dog who is secondary to eating stools must be hit to have a dog done in large quantities.

It is a bit surprising if it has had such a powerful effect. The question is whether the veterinarian has really been tested for anything other than cannabis. We know that many people who use drugs usually take more than one breed and that is perhaps the effect of those seen here. It must be quite large quantities of the dog to see the effect outside, he says.

No comparable cases

Stockholm Direct has also spoken to Maria Karlsson, a veterinarian who has never heard of a similar case in Sweden, and said that it is more likely that the dog has just eaten cannabis and has not come through human excrement.

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