Door knocking gave UFO detectives more puzzles

The door handle of UFO Sweden gave no new directions for what happened in Björkvik in 1989. Instead, the organization's archive grew with various difficult explanations.

For example, one of the two witnesses drew the subject that they could see for a few minutes hanging freely in the air near their car in Björkvik in September UFO Sweden

Three flashing lights, an opening at the bottom and a dome on top. The object floats in the air for a while and then disappears.

The UFO-Swedish national federation collects and investigates stories from people who have things they can not explain themselves. Often there are answers in meteorology or in the regular spaceflight, but in the large archive of the association there are several unexplained cases.

One of them is from Björkvik in the Katrineholm municipality. In 1989 a woman and her daughter saw the object of the three flashing lights. It was at least five meters in diameter and the size as a discus.

On Saturday, members of UFO Sweden swam the door in Björkvik to find out if anyone else saw the flying object. The members spoke to residents in about half of the 250 households of Björkvik, but combed zero. Almost.

"The main goal was to get more reports about what happened in 1989. We got a very interesting observation, but it took place 10 miles to the south, it was a bit different, but not entirely different. in the evening and three people saw an object with different colored lights that looked like it was today, "said Clas Svahn, vice president and international coordinator in UFO Sweden.

TT: Did you come up with an explanation for the 1989 observation?

– No, I do not think so. Then we had to find someone who saw something in Björkvik. Instead, we have more observations to investigate. But we asked questions about those who did the observation in 1989 and they only got good testimonies. It feels good that they are credible witnesses.

Clas Svahn calls the door a success and UFO Sweden is planning to return to Björkvik. Among the more than 170 people interviewed by the members of the association could tell us about strange things they saw.

"It will be twelve percent and that's right with what we knew before, about ten percent of the population has seen things that they can not explain, but they never reported." Within a radius of 100 meters in a residential area in Björkvik we found seven people who were involved in things they never talked about, "he says.

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