Door knocking solve UFO mystery: "Find more witnesses" – News (Ecotourism)

"It was in September 1989 when a mother and her daughter saw a classic flying saucer, it was an object in a very close environment that had been hanging next to their car for some time, and they look at it before flying at a very high speed", says Clas Svahn, vice president of UFO Sweden.

"We know there are different observers, there are other witnesses to that, they want to find.

The national organization UFO-Sweden was founded in 1970 and has 500 members, and one tries to examine observations of unidentified flying objects, the UFO, as the public has done. Usually what may seem unexplained can be explained by, for example, bright stars, planets or planes, "says Clas Svahn.

"I am very busy and talking, I am at school, I am out of my favor, I meet people all the time and also researchers, and they know that UFO Sweden is a critical assessment of an unknown phenomenon and that we Doing something scientifically possible The only thing that is full of this is that it might sound strange.

On the door handle of Saturday can give answers to what was seen in Björkvik in September 1989 is difficult to say, says Clas Svahn. But he hopes you will make a small step forward.

"It would be best to find someone who can say" I know what I saw "and we get an end point in this case, it's still better than hovering in uncertainty, I do not want to be mysteries, I want to know how people look.

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