Doorknot – 29 years after a mysterious event

A strange event in Björkvik in 1989 has prompted UFO enthusiasts to end this weekend. The story of a woman and her daughter who saw a foolish boat in the small community on Lake Yngaren in the Katrineholms municipality has not been forgotten. Now testimony will be collected through a knocking door.

According to both Ufo Sweden and FOI, reports of condensation stripes caused by aircraft are missed for a UFO. Stock Håkon Larsen Mosvold / NTB / TT

Approximately 200 reports of unidentified flying objects reach the non-profit organization Ufo Sweden every year. Most of them deal with different types of light phenomena that have been observed during the evenings and nights.

"Many of them can be explained by stars, planets, satellites, planes or other things," says Johan Gustavsson of Ufo Sweden and project manager for the door knockout that will take place this weekend.

Every year there are also one or two reports that can not be explained and that capture the interest of the enthusiasts. The explanatory models are many, where untapped natural phenomena are one of the favorites. On the other hand, Gustavsson turns against theories concerning beings from space.

"Personally, I am very skeptical as an explanation, but on the other hand, I think there is a good chance that there are real unexplored phenomena that today's research is not familiar with.

The supposed observations in Björkvik 29 years ago, however, for the thought of the more classic description of a flying saucer: a disco-shaped vessel, estimated at at least five meters in diameter, hangs freely in the air. Before the object, which has three flashing lights below, disappears, the witnesses see a hole underneath and a dome on the top. And besides the two most important witnesses, several other people in Björkvik have experienced that they looked something like this.

– The event is striking. That two credible, sensual witnesses see a formatted object up close and that information about more witnesses is very rare, says Gustavsson.

At the same time, there is a risk that a new testimony may be colored by the fact that the event is well known and known in society.

– That's how it is. The new witnesses will never be completely independent.

All answers that come in – that reinforce the earlier observations or testimonials that make the event possible – are gains, says Gustavsson.

"That would be a positive result in both cases.

The Total Defense Research Institute (FOI) also receives calls for unidentified flying objects, even though it is rare. According to the FOI analyst Kristofer Hallgren, the statements are meteorological.

"For example, it could be condensation stripes from aircraft that give shadow effects," he says.

At the same time there are cases in which science can not give an absolutely certain answer. New types of weather phenomena can occur, for example when the climate changes.

"We as researchers have no answer to everything, for example for weather phenomena, recently a new type of northern light was found, a phenomenon that has existed for a long time, but as previously not classified, Hallgren says.


UFO Sweden

The organization was founded in 1970 and aims to collect and investigate reports of unidentified phenomena in the air. Usually the organization receives about 200 reports from the public each year.

Of these, UFO Sweden classifies the majority as a so-called ifo-identified flight object. That is, the findings have clear reasons. UFO stands for unidentified flying objects, unidentified flying objects.

Facts: UFO Sweden

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