Drought and fires can affect this year's bear hunting – News

This year a total of 284 bears can be brought down divided into seven provinces. It is slightly more than last year when 219 bears were managed, which is due to the fact that the latest inventory of the number of bears showed that the trunk has increased slightly more than expected.

In part there is an inventory of bears playing and used DNA technology and partly also the number of observations of the bear increased and also the number of incidents with binoculars or beans that have been in hives and other things, "says Benny Gäfvert, a birch expert at the Stiftelsen Rovdjurscentret de 5 Stora.

Changed weapon laws

New from this year is the hunter Hunting with semi-automatic weapons allowed magazines with a capacity for up to five cartridges Previously, there were only two cartridges The new rules will increase the safety of the hunters.

Björnjakt is a kind of hunting where you come very close to the game and sometimes situations arise where you have to shoot quickly and it is then seen as a risk of two shots, according to Benny Gäfvert.

According to Gäfvert, the hunters use a so-called reed weapon with a tray with multiple patterns, but there has to be reloaded with a manual lever between each shot.

Burning and drought

The hunting continues until October 15, but can be canceled earlier if all assigned bears have been shot. In previous years all assigned bears have also been dropped.

The drought and fires of this year have some influence on hunting. In some areas of the fire in Gävleborg County there is a ban on access for the hunters and drought has also affected the availability of berries that the bears eat before they come to an idea, says Gäfvert.

But in the long run the fires also benefit from the growth of, for example, blueberries is an important food source for the bears.

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