Drought and fires can affect this year's bear hunting – P4 Gävleborg

The provincial government of Gävleborg has decided not to search for more than 50 bears in the Gävleborg province by 2018.

However, the drought and fires of the year have some influence on hunting. In some areas of the fire in the province of Gävleborg there is a ban on access for the hunters and the drought has also affected the availability of berries that the bears eat before they are finished, "says Benny Gäfvert, a birch expert at Stiftelsen Rovdjurscentret de 5 Stora, at the news agency TT

] But in the long term the fires also benefit from the growth of, for example, blueberry rice, which is an important source of food for the bears.

The hunt continues until October 15th , but can be canceled earlier if all assigned bears have been shot.

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