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About 90 people in Linköping chose to spend their Saturday night in a hotel bar when the party leader of the Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch Thor, visited the city. She tells us that KD held hearings at quite a few pubs throughout the spring. There is a way to lower the threshold for future people.

"It may not always be in the town hall or in a club house, it's Saturday night, people are interested in the elections, but it's nice if you can do it in a beautiful environment. Why should policy always be so boring and difficult to access? "I think it's actually a matter of democracy, to make sure people who do not usually attend political meetings feel welcome," said the party leader.

A conversation was held with her and the city council Sara Skyttedal. It varied from easy talk to a conclusion in which Ebba Busch Thor rose and attached importance to important matters. Politics at national level was mixed with specific questions about Linköping.

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Many stood in line to greet the party leader after the conversation.

KD in Linköping has the slogan "the most expensive budget of Linköping", can it be used nationally?

"I would not put that word on our budget, but the thoughts are the same, that is, we have to be incredibly careful about what we spend our money on, and they have to go to a well-being that you can trust. proud of the fact that here in Linköping we have KD rebels who have the guts to stand out, challenge others and show that taxes are falling and adding more to the most important in well-being, "said Ebba Busch Thor.

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