Ebba Busch Thor: We should not pretend that sex does not exist

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Ebba Busch Thor and her employees can hurry from the car to the meeting point at a bakery in Fyrisån in the center of Uppsala. A cool hailstyle has traversed the birthplace.

The party leaders of the Christian Democrats no longer need signs in the air to take the warnings for climate scientists seriously.

"Although scientists can not say that what we've had this summer is an absolute and direct result of climate change, we know that because of climate change and temperature all the time, we have to wait more for extreme weather," she says.

The climate is not included in your election program. To what extent have you underestimated the importance of the climate problem?

"We have an offensive climate policy and have many proposals for improving the environment, both in Sweden and globally, but we mean that the biggest mistake for Stefan Löfven during this term, that is, the medical service. to focus on the essence of welfare problems, says Ebba Busch Thor.

So if you listen to you, has the government not done the environmental policy and climate policy as badly as well-being?

– Actually, if I am forced to appreciate, it is. But we have proposed a harder green tax change. We would introduce taxes on plastic bags. In our shadow budget we introduce tax on basic product textiles. We want to see a green car bonus. We are in favor of a further extension of the ladder posts and to facilitate the electrification of the transport sector. Among other things, by protecting the Swedish nuclear power, which is nonetheless emission-free.

Ebba Busch Thor says at the DN hearing that she wants broad talks about nuclear energy – despite the fact that she lives in a classic civil conflict, and despite the fact that the Christian Democrats have the energy agreement with the government, the Center Party and the moderates. supported.

"We were in the energy agreement to stop the tax on taxes that was about to close all Swedish nuclear power, and we succeeded, and now we want to take further steps.

Moment. Ebba Busch Thor is appointed as new party leader. People & # 39; s House, Stockholm, April 25, 2015.
Moment. Ebba Busch Thor is appointed as new party leader. People & # 39; s House, Stockholm, April 25, 2015. "I remember that I had an incredibly high heart rate, but it was also because I had only two weeks left for my pregnancy, so that there is more blood in the body. You can almost see that I am a bit disturbed, it was incredibly amazing, incredibly honorable to get this confidence. " photo: Nicklas Thegerström

Money for new nuclear energy was not included in the agreement. How will a nuclear effort be carried out?

"The point is to say that nuclear energy is welcome, that it certainly will not contribute to premature closures, but there are a number of things that you can conclude that the available reactors can live their entire lives, but possibly also new nuclear energy or upgrades of nuclear energy. at existing locations, a concrete thing could be a new legislation that gives electricity suppliers the task of obtaining a certain effect.

We have a good situation in Sweden today because we have nuclear power. If we remove nuclear energy, we will have problems with the electricity supply.

But what you are proposing in practice would mean breaking the agreement?

– No. I do not see how it would. We adhere to the goals set in the energy agreement for one hundred percent renewable. It also says that, from a political point of view, it should not contribute to the early closure of nuclear energy. We have a good situation in Sweden today because we have nuclear power. If we remove nuclear energy, we will have problems with the electricity supply.

These are also conflict issues internally in the Alliance. Do you want to revive that sound?

"I think there are many people who want to reduce emissions seriously to get a greener society, and if you can do that, you need more electricity, not less electricity.

Annie Lööf sounds very cold for your idea. Is there a good dispute about nuclear energy in the Alliance?

"In all situations it is good to do what you think is true if you are serious about the climate problem: Sweden does not need to have more symbolism when it comes to the climate: how will we get a 100% emission-free transport sector without nuclear energy by 2030? "I do not see that.

The Christian Democrats are now attacking the debate on gender equality. Ebba Busch Thors attacked in the summer of early August what it describes as the "genius school" of kindergarten.

"It is when we distance ourselves from the very reasonable and absolutely necessary goals of equality, that boys and girls in kindergarten are treated equally, have prepared the same opportunities, reach their full potential and are exactly what they want to be. leaving work for gender equality, we say that from the preschool teachers we are now going to determine the role of sex or start pretending that there are no boys and girls, consciously talking about children, etc. That is what I mean is genus flum , which leads to more ambiguity.

In what way do you claim that there are no boys and girls?

"You've deliberately washed the texts in the proposal for a new curriculum for toddlers of boys and girls only, and consistently through the document you talk about children instead, it may seem like a small change. a political point of view begin to say: "Now we will see children completely neutral."

Moment. Ebba Busch Thor meets Alf Svensson in Jönköping, April 9, 2018.
Moment. Ebba Busch Thor meets Alf Svensson in Jönköping, April 9, 2018. "It's a nestor, our honorary president, there are few people I respect so much, he's a great personal support for me, I think he'll agree with me. is that I have no obligations to him, but I have obligations with regard to the values ​​and ideas of which the tradition has made the difference in Sweden so far, but that is also necessary for the future. " photo: Nicklas Thegerström

What you specifically criticized is the proposal for a new curriculum for pre-school children. The sharpest gender formula we found was that "everyone in the team should inspire and challenge the children to broaden their capacities and interests beyond gender-stereotypical choices". What is wrong with that?

– Why does a preschool teacher have to be a safe and current adult in addition to all the other things, to encourage children to learn to play, why should they also challenge children not to make gender stereotypes?

Does gender education stand in the way of other tasks you currently do in kindergarten?

"This is only to keep challenging the children not to make gender stereotypes, it is actually not the core task of primary school, and we must make every effort to ensure that children who go their own way are respected for who they are. And a requirement for all educators in kindergartens to be able to do it, not just specific gender educators, is that the groups are small enough, so we want a legal requirement of up to twelve children in the toddler groups.

"We will have an offensive gender equality work, but we must not pretend that gender is unavailable, we will not hold and challenge the children to force them to make other choices without respecting the choices the children make.

"Some values ​​are not eligible in Sweden, such as the treatment of both men and women," said Ebba Busch Thor in the interview from DN last Saturday at the central station in Stockholm. The Christian Democrats want newcomers to receive information about values ​​in Sweden, such as gender equality.

What I am against is that you have to actively go to a boy who plays with a car, "now you're going to play with a doll"

Why should newcomers be aimed at equality, but not children?

"But that's a big difference, I did not say that children should not be ruled against gender equality, it's clear that they'll do it, and what I'm against is that you have to go to a boy who plays with a car: "Now you're going to play with every doll."

To what extent does the risk that education on gender equality is given to newcomers is also "genus flum"?

"I think you mix apples and pears here, talking about boys and girls with the same conditions, the same opportunities in Sweden, the same way to respect, fundamental gender equality, not genusflum. apply to the integration of newcomers.

It is when you mix gender roles when "genus flummet" arises?

– Yes. In giving the task of higher political leadership and the government to challenge two-year-olds not to make gender stereotypes, to challenge the children to play games that challenge the sexual regime. Then you have the wrong focus.

During her time as party leader, Ebba Busch Thor spent a lot of time gathering what she & # 39; good values ​​& # 39; calls.

"It's about Christian ethics, Western humanism, something that all people can carry, wherever they come from," she says.

She wants to describe Christian democracy as a counterforce to populism and purely nationalism.

Because we value ourselves against the idea of ​​utopia about a perfect society, Christianity by definition rarely leaves complex issues simple. Look at the developments in Germany, where Angela Merkel eventually gained confidence in leading and became an even heavier antidote to the unrest in the United States. A European counterpart, she says.

Moment. Ebba Busch Thor on stage in Almedalen. Visby, July 6, 2016.
Moment. Ebba Busch Thor on stage in Almedalen. Visby, July 6, 2016. "I wanted to take back the Swedish flag from the Nazis, from the xenophobic, we are Sweden, we do not place" we "and" they. "We are the one who is the fan at the top Some would misunderstand me, the Social Democrats were furious, and about half a year later Stefan Löfven stood before a big Swedish flag. & # 39; photo: Nicklas Thegerström

What do you, as a friend of Israel, think about developments in Israel during the recent government of Netanyahu?

"Unfortunately, we have moved away from the possibility of a stable and peaceful solution to the conflict in the Middle East, I am afraid that you have received additional Israeli settlements, but I am also worried about the fact that Israeli returnees feel compelled. for these very large, powerful violent markings against Gaza and the attacks that are repeatedly exposed to Hamas and the Gaza Strip.

How do you see nationalism in Israel?

"I am not an expert in the development of nationalism in Israel, but it is clear that, given Israel's history of being subjected to one of the most brutal human rights violations ever with the Holocaust, so many countries ask questions about the law of the Jews to exist on earth, living side by side next to a terrorist organization that wants to wipe them … There will be a different kind of connection.

A so-called national rule has been adopted stating that Israel is a national state only for Jews. It was criticized for not mentioning the rights of minorities. What do you think about that law?

"I would like all countries to be careful to stand up for the minorities in the country There are many good examples in Israel that you have been good at, even though this legislation is not, I think the Swedish political debate and, in part, these questions might be a little tiring to make them one-sided, and we have an incredible skew of reporting around Israel in Sweden.

You will not immediately know who won. I think you might know only a few weeks after the election.

How do you know who won the elections on 9 September?

– You do not know that right away. I think you might know only a few weeks after the election. The support for forming an alliance government must be tested if the Alliance is larger than the Social Democrats. And I expect that we will be.

A new speaker will be chosen before. Which principles should then apply?

– It is reasonable that the person is removed from the largest constellation of the government foundation on the Riksdag. I assume that, once again, if you put the Alliance against the Social Democrats, it is from the bourgeoisie when a spokesman is picked up. Reasonable from the largest party within the Alliance.

The Alliance do you count as a government foundation and the Social Democrats as a government foundation?

– Yes.

Ebba Busch Thor and the Christian Democrats say no to negotiate with the Swedish Democrats. She points to a few other ways if any alliance government is unable to support its policy in the Riksdag.

– You can handle it. Either through cross-border negotiations with the Environmental expert or Social Democrats. Or you have to do what you sometimes have to do, do not actually make a policy.

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Ebba Busch Thor is of the opinion that in the next four years wide settlements may be needed in "quite a few" areas – for example housing and taxes.

Summary DN & # 39; s Facts about the question show that housing shortages have had clear consequences. Among other things, more young adults live with their parents.

There are lock-in effects on the housing market. Researchers sometimes mention the lost property tax as a cause. You did not participate in top politics when the Christian Democrats pushed this tax ten years ago, but how enthusiastic are you?

"I am still very excited about the fact that we have been able to abolish the property tax." "It is clear that there are locking effects." But it was immoral with a property tax that caused people to be expelled from their homes. to increase the mobility of the housing market, one of which is the opportunity to make even more hesitations about the answers, while another is about tackling the lack of retirement homes.

You get a classic question about housing policy: if you meet a young couple who want to move together, get your first home and not get rich – what advice do you give them?

– No income is too small to save. Try to save up to a certain amount, regardless of the income you have. It is never late to start saving. We would like to introduce a tax reduction for savings for young people up to 34 years of age. We think it is better to pay the income you earn, even if they are small.

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