Ehec infection spreads – 30 new cases confirmed – News (Ecotype)

The new cases mean that a total of 80 people have been confirmed to have been infected by the intestinal bacteria Ehec. In addition, 50 people are suspected of being infected.

"Unfortunately, we are talking about the fact that we are still spreading this infection", says Anders Tegnell.

He says, that the spreading speed does not increase or decrease.

"It seems to be about the same level all the time, that's about four to five times a week.

The opinion of Anders Tegnell is that it will be the biggest outbreak of Ehec in the history of Sweden.

Ehec takes care of it a diarrhea disorder when the bacteria is spread to humans through various cows' nutrients. The Public Health Authority assessment is that the outbreak has the same source of infection, but they have not found it.

– You get a few days of diarrhea and fever and most of them recover afterwards and do not get, but in the future. But a small part gets a very serious disease, says Anders Tegnell.

What should you do if you think you are sick?

– As always, when you are ill, send a message to the Health Council 1177 to consult them for advice.

So 80 cases have been confirmed, but according to the Public Health Authority, how many sick people are difficult to estimate. Some patients do not seek care and do not leave samples.

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