Election workers had to be protected

This morning the electoral workers of the Liberals were threatened in Älvsjö when they distributed flyers. The police were called to the site and the campaign was continued – under the protection of SL security officers.

  • Published 15:34, August 23, 2018

This morning at a quarter past seven, Pernilla Enebrink and two other women arrived at station Älvsjö to hand out flyers to the liberals. Ten minutes later a black-clad man with a shaved head comes to the electorate.

"He called us landlords and acted very fiercely both in his way of speaking and in all his presence.He walked away but returned four times within a few minutes.We did not know if he would be violent or would call more and the situation was very unpleasant, says Pernilla Enebrink, who says the man was probably nazi.

– They have recently been shown more in Älvsjö.

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The electorate called the safety number of the SL, which sent security officers and also called the police. The distribution of flyers continued as planned – but under the supervision of the security officers.

– If no police and security officers had arrived, we should have canceled. But it felt good that we could stay as long as we had planned. It is a threat to the whole of democracy if there is less courage for democracy and political parties, "Pernilla said.

Will you vote tomorrow?

– Yes, of course I will continue.

Policeman Anders Bryngelsson confirms that a police patrol was installed.

"But when someone could not find the person, the case remained unsuccessful," he said.

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