Even the moderators want to add three billion to short queues – News (Ekot)

Social Democrats today pledged three billion to the provincial council to shorten their queues.

The moderators think that the performance is very late, given the fact that the welfare increases have increased in the past tenure.

– A bit of panic that promises the week before the elections for the next mandate, after they have been responsible and have not addressed the problems, says Elisabeth Svantesson, the political spokesman for the moderators.

The social minister Annika Strandhäll said today that the Social Democrats are investing more than the alliance to shorten the queues in health care.

That is not true Moderators Elisabeth Svantesson says they are willing to bet and that it was included in their budget proposals a year ago.

At the same time, the Alliance has not jointly indicated how much money they want to invest after the elections.

"We're back in the budget, but it's clear that a few billions are needed to get rid of the queues, this government has failed many children with fear and depression who have been waiting to go to BUP. get a grip as soon as we get the government.

Why do not you tell me how much money it can be before the elections?

"We want three billion people, and now the Social Democrats say the same thing, the difference is the result, we have shown that we can do this, we have done it during our years in the alliance." Social Democrats have shown that they can not cope with the growing queues, says Elisabeth Svantesson, the economic spokesperson for the moderators of the economist.

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