Exposed woman about the cultural profile: I panicked

Jean-Claude Arnault is standing for justice today

The 72-year-old cultural profile Jean-Claude Arnault is suspected today of two rapes.

The exposed woman tells during interrogation how he should have been violent and pulled her into her hair.

"He thrust his throat in my throat, I panicked and started to surrender," said the woman.

The persecution against the cultural profile applies to two rapes against the same woman in 2011.

The first attack should have taken place after an art museum in Stockholm. A company then went to a bar. The women's and culture profile showed interest in each other and then went back to his overnight apartment.

The woman tells in police hearings how they started to initiate sexual acts and how she began to perform oral sex.

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Jean-Claude Arnault arrives at Stockholm County Court.

"Suddenly he took a heavy tack over his neck and pushed his neck in the throat," said the woman.

"I was vomiting on the floor"

Her eyes were torn, she had no air, panicked and began to surrender.

The woman talks during the interrogation how he has held so hard that there is no chance of getting lost. When she surrendered, he took "a fist of her" in the neck and waved her head off the bed so she would not broke over the sheets.

"It was like a reversed behavior with him.

"Was fully passivated"

The woman tells how she became fully passivated and scared. They continued to have sex but she was "completely startled and very scared". Then she went home in the morning.

The public prosecutor claims that both documents were rape. And that woman because of the violent behavior of Arnault "Was in a threatening situation and felt severe fear and thus lacked the ability to recover."

"Tired of seeing afterwards"

Woman tells in the interrogations how Arnault called her several times after the incident and pretended to see them, something she despised.

But when he wanted to dine with her and a common friend, and even the friend asked her to come to dinner, she agreed, "the woman said.

– We were in the restaurant and Jean-Claude offered very tasty food and wine. It was a nice dinner.

Would just sleep

After dinner, they went to a bar in Stureplan. Arnault ordered a bottle of champagne. The friend disappeared when she met someone. The woman stayed with Arnault and the clock became so late that the metro stopped running.

She did not earn much at the time, she said during the interrogation that she did not think it would be worth taking a taxi home. Arnault betrayed her that she would go home with him, something she really did not want.

"He promised diligently and sacred that NO sex would take place," said the woman.

She says that it was about sleep for her and nothing else.

"Woke up because he was joking"

Once at home in his apartment she had to borrow a t-shirt to wear over the bra. They lay down to sleep in the same bed. She lay aside and fell asleep.

"But he woke up shortly after and felt how he was joking me.

The woman describes how he invaded her, how she stood up, began to cry and was very upset. She wanted to go home in the middle of the night and Arnault ordered a taxi for her, a trip that was billed to his cultural club, she says.

Be in a helpless state

The public prosecutor claims that Arnault has had sexual intercourse with the woman and "Incorrectly used to find itself in a helpless state as a result of sleep."

Be afraid to report

The woman told during the hearing that she wanted to report what had happened, but did not dare to fear that she would destroy her chances in professional life.

But when 18 women told DN how they were exposed to the Culture Profile, she dared to make a report.

Several acquaintances were interviewed during the investigation. They have mentioned a number of details that the woman entrusted to them.

Denies crimes

Arnault denies crimes and does not say to recognize the description of the woman. He says they had sex and that it was "friendly".

"We loved each other, it was soft and loving.

His lawyer Björn Hurtig believes that the prosecution is "a disgrace and shame".

Risk of imprisonment

Last autumn a series of other reports against Arnault about rape and sexual killings.

Prosecutor Christina Voigt has previously decided to dismiss cases because crimes are reserved and partly impossible to prove.

But in the cases that are being tested now, she believes that the research is robust.

To the question of what sanction she is planning, Christina Voigt replies:

"In general, it is at least two years in the penalty scale for rape, so it is probably somewhere where it lands.

This has happened in short

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