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The family of Iggströms, the cat Edward, had been gone for three months when their dog suddenly found a dead cat that had been crossed by a harvester. The family, who lives in Färila in the municipality of Ljusdal, buried Edward carefully and mourned his loved cat for more than a month, writes Hela Hälsingland.

That was the second time he had been away for so long and when the dog found him, I was a bit unsure whether it was Edward. This cat did not seem to have a broken tail since his birth, like Edward, had a slightly shorter hair and a white mark on the left-hand side instead of on the right. But then we felt that the tail was interrupted and then thought it was really Edward that happened, "says Anna Iggström to TT.

On Tuesday, Anna would release the second cat from her family when she suddenly heard something at the front door. It turned out to be Edward, who returned home in a bit of a state of affairs.

I just laughed and yelled at my son that "Edward is home!". He got him when he was a year and is now eight. We have been and have been so sad for a month and a half. It is absolutely unreal that he is back home, she says.

Now the family would like to see someone who has a cat with the same colors as Edward relegates to the family to clarify whose cat they are buried.

I know how we've known in the past month. Somebody else is probably so sorry, says Anna Iggström.

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