Feminists demand action against Nazi's news

The Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement has received permission to have a wheelbarrow in the pedestrian street next to, among other things, the Feminist Initiative Boden. In recent days, there has been violence against young people from candidates for NMR, against the crowd voted in their squad and on Saturday their top candidate Bo Nilsson in the local elections only reported after a teenager in the tent attacked but it has been rewritten to try suicide abuse during the Sunday.

Fi now finds that NMR has lost the right to stand up in the pedestrian street with a view to all incidents that have occurred.

"Our party demands that the police and municipal council commit to democracy and security for young people and adults in public space, and that it is a threat for people who want to participate in political talks and in particular for opinion-makers. consider whether it is safe to send school children to visit the chalets, says Lizah Lund.

Feminist initiative has long been the issue of the Swedish parliament's decision to ban the Nazi organization in accordance with UN recommendations.

"Now, in just a few days, we have had three events where the NMR electorate was physically attacked against young people, which shows what Nazism is about, by making people cry through threats and violence," said Lizah Lund, chairman from Fi i Boden and first name on the municipal list.

According to Lund, Fi even talked about closing his own cabin, but decided that the Nazis would not deter them.

"Many visitors find it uncomfortable with the Nazis and then we try to provide a safe place for policy conversations, we will continue campaigning and today we will hand out pamphlets where we demand a ban on the Nazi organization and the state of the nuclear magnetic field is withdrawn, "says Linda-Marie Gabrielsson, other names on the municipal list.

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