Fire in buildings and cars

A home in Strömsnäsbruk started to burn at night until Tuesday.

Restaurants and apartments are located in the Nya Åbrovägen building. It burns in the building and must have also started burning in three cars next to it.

"We have shut down the fire to some extent, there are three cars and some apartments that have been burned, and we are still trying to escape from apartments that have not been damaged by fire," said Niklas Henningsson, deputy leader at the Emergency Service in Markaryd, at 5.10 am.

SOS Alarm has been notified of the event at 03.28 am. Rescue and ambulance was sent to the address.

Was someone injured?

"No, not what we know so far," says Henningsson.

The police are also in place, and emergency carriers in the south-west of Götaland state that the building has suffered great damage. The cause of the fire is initially unclear.

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