Fire in the villa – one person dead –

The alarm arrived just after ten o'clock on Sunday morning.

"The homeowner's son had been on a visit last night, and when he came back this morning, he met smoke and grime in the building," Karlsson said.

And continue:

– When the oxygen in the house ceases, the fire goes to sleep, and that is why the whole house is not burnt down. There were a few flares that flared up when we arrived at the place.

However, fire and heat have been damaged throughout the house.

The reason for the fire is currently unclear.

A police investigation will be requested from the police.

"When the incident can be considered a death with some unclear circumstances, an initial investigation has been started into crime, more specifically murder," said Stefan Dangardt, president of the police in the Bergslagen region.

And continue:

"In this case it can not be excluded that there has been a crime or that there has been no crime, nor can it be ensured that the deceased is the owner of the house.

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