Fires in Gothenburg caused panic among the residents

The fires in Rannebergen in Angered in north-eastern Gothenburg caused a major rescue mission early on Sunday morning.

The first alarm came at 03.54, when it was burned in a store.

A little later, 04.21, had risen. Now it started burning in several staircases in another building in the same area.

Panic scenes among residents

– It started to burn in three different staircases and on different floors of the house. Someone has tried to make fire on different luminaires, says Anders Ternevi, management operator at the rescue service in Greater Gothenburg.

Smoke evolved in the seven-story house and many residents were worried. Witnesses talk about panic-like scenes in which residents started to climb through windows and were on screen on roofs and terraces.

According to the rescue service, nobody was injured by the fires. A major assignment was directed to the site and could quickly extinguish both the fire and the stairs.

No suspicious arrest

In addition to emergency services such as various police patrols and ambulances were on location. However, after 06 most emergency services could return.

– There were no major fires, but it is clear that people were afraid to smoke, says Anders Ternevi at the rescue service.

The police classifies the incident as a gunfight. There is someone who used combustible material in the stairs. We have not caught anyone suspicious, but there are some tips to go further, says Per Sahlgren, police officer in charge.

Cars burn in the same part of the city

Last week a large number of car fire fires were noticed in Gothenburg, including in the northeastern districts.

There was a group of black-clad people who, in a seemingly well coordinated campaign, split cars and put fire on the vehicles.

However, the police currently suspect no correlation between the car lights and the supposed murder fire of the morning, according to Per Sahlgren.

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