First time: international observers for Swedish elections – news (ecotourism)

Thomas Rymer, spokesman for the OSCE, says that before the 2010 election a team sent to Sweden to see if it was necessary to send observers to the elections themselves, which was not the case.

This year you did the same thing and arrived to send two people to observe the election of the year.

What needs to be considered is, among other things, how the election campaigns are financed, says Thomas Rymer.

Since the new tightened law when the transparency of party funding came into effect this spring, the OSCE wants to see how it is reported on only this funding of party support.

It is also understood that there were problems with the way the rolling mills were placed in the polling stations, by saying: Thomas Rymer. They were not sufficiently shy to guarantee secrecy and it was also understood that there were sometimes insufficient numbers of ballot papers from all parties, especially in the valley, "he said.

The OSCE has expanded its activities from the outset most focused on so-called new democracies, says Thomas Ryber, and that Sweden is now visiting two election observers, perhaps not overly dramatized, there are no perfect choices, says Thomas Ryber, spokesman for the OSCE.

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