Fishing boat in Sjönöd: "An extensive story"

The fishing boat is located in the Baltic Sea south of Gotland, between Gotland and Öland.

The fishing boat is located in the Baltic Sea south of Gotland, between Gotland and Öland.

A fishing boat with two people on board has taken water.

Several rescue units – boats and helicopters – took part in the rescue operation.

"It is a serious situation," says Maria Boman, marine safety leader.

The Marine's Flight and Maritime Rescue Center received the alarm shortly after 8 pm.

– We have devices that run. We do not have a device in the front. We have a helicopter with pumps and we have a lifeboat and a merchant ship on the way, says Maria Boman, rescue chief shipping, at 8.45 pm.

Two people are on board the 12 meter long fishing boat between Öland and Gotland.

– A pump is broken on board. They keep the water reasonable, but they accept it, says Maria Boman.

At 10.40 pm Maria Boman tells us that another helicopter has been sent to the site.

"They have a Visby helicopter pump that they have on board, and now the Kristianstad helicopter is on its way and has fired another pump for them, so they're on and rigs, the problem is to put the pumps on the deck. to drain the water, it is a small fishing boat.

"She still takes up water, but it's up to the pumps to say so.

Even a surface carrier was wound to the boat to start the pump.

Maria Boman explains that the fishing boat includes water in the fork and that it does not affect the machine. The boat can therefore continue to drive and the course is set at the port of Vändburg in the south of Gotland.

At 22.40 the Flight and Maritime Rescue Center estimated that the operation would take a few hours.

Finally the boat arrived at 02.10 hours, the night towards Monday.

"It was a long story, but everything went well," says Jonas Malmstedt, rescue chief.

How are the people on the boat?

– They're okay. He got a little cold there. They stood in the water and pumped pretty long, but it was not urgent, says Jonas Malmstedt.

What caused the problems from the beginning is unclear.

– There was at least a big hole. There was a lot of water, so the pumps were needed, "says Jonas Malmstedt.

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