Foreign rapists and harder roofs

It is a powerful program based on two cruel raids that Sofia Näslund has been subjected to for the same night by several foreign culprits in Strängnäs. Dramaturgin in "Mission Review" is based on her story and later continues with an overview of how many of the 843 people convicted of rape or rape were born abroad. 58 percent of convicts in the past five years were born abroad, according to the SVT survey.

"Mission review" will take an hour to try to give a complex picture of cultural differences between refugees and the need to map foreign perpetrators.

It does not help – the proportion of foreigners sentenced to rape is eased after the program.

There is probably nothing wrong with the numbers in SVT. They are confirmed, among other things, by similar reviews recently made by Aftonbladet and Expressen.

And even before the 2010 elections, the Swedish Democrats went to investigate, although the statistical basis was clearer.

The news agency TT then reported:

"The Swedish Democrats investigated 114 convicted rapists and found that 48 percent were born abroad, and the Crime Prevention Council (Brå) rejects the investigation as unreliable."

The SD survey was convicted and already showed how difficult it was to make crime statistics.

Now the issue of foreign born rapists is again a question in the electoral movement and justifies the responsible publisher of SVT Ulf Johansson:

"Public service is demanding about how we are in balance, especially an election year, in which case my opinion is that the discussion is now about all party boundaries." Representatives of all parties are engaged, it is a debate that Morgan Johansson has been involved in. "

The news about the SVT election portal has spread rapidly during the week. Right-wing and SD-trusted sites scream SVT, but also the Moderate were quick to pick up the thrown glove in a debate article in Expressen. It shows in all its simplicity how difficult it is for politicians to do statistics politics and "general public awareness":

• In the debate article, Tomas Tobé and Elisabeth Svantesson, possible ministers of justice and finance in an alliance, demand "removal of serial killers" and state that "a serial rapist who has committed three rapes only has to earn the full penalty for one of the rape revenues . "

Spokesman Tomas Tobé of the moderator.


Is that right?

Take the "Hagaman" Niklas Lindgren as an example: he was sentenced to six rape and rape against 14 years in prison. Two cases were also classified as attempted murder. If he was only punished for the worst crimes, the punishment would probably have been in prison for 8-10 years.

On average, the punishment for the six crimes – of rapes that were also tried to kill rape – had been set at six years in prison. It is impossible to say exactly, but as a counter-example, the M-proposal would mean that Lindgren would be sentenced to 36 years in prison. There are other cases that are even worse with rapists who have been convicted of hundreds of rapes.

• M requires: "Our starting point is that a foreign citizen who commits a rape in Sweden loses his right to stay here."

SD agrees and together they enter open doors. Rape usually leads to expulsion, but it is not always that expulsion can be enforced. The migration committee and the problems of the police are a statement, but there is also another explanation:

Sweden does not expose people who risk capital punishment or torture in their own country – is there a political will to change it if you think in two steps?

How difficult it might be to think in two steps when the proposals for the hard crime policy were launched was also clear during the SVT hearing of President Stefan Löfven on Tuesday. He wants to remove the youth discount for people under 21 who have been convicted of crimes. In practice, this means that an 18-year-old can be sentenced to life imprisonment – something that is not possible today.

Stefan Löfven and Camilla Kvartoft at the SVT hearing on Tuesday

photo: SVT

Löfven rejected and argued "that is not what we have proposed", on which Camilla Kvartoft, the listener, was forced to firmly correct the prime minister.

So after seeing "Mission Review", I wonder if a politician still thinks a step and asks: can you stop rapists at a border inspection? Or should the borders be closed?

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