Forward! calls Annie Lööf and marches in the fog

Annie Lööf speaks more than Like the clarity and the great leadership. But perhaps the most about clarity.

Annie Lööf is great, says Annie Lööf.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case that the brilliance of its policies reaches the consciousness horizon of the citizens of society. Her strictness seems to have been distorted on the way and sometimes even transformed into the mess.

Just take the migration policy.

During the hearing of Ekot on Tuesday morning, Annie Lööf announced that she would like to put the temporary asylum day on hold. That is, until a parliamentary inquiry determines what a "long-term" and "sustainable" legislation will look like. For such will the Center have.

For a moment, as a clear message from the Center Leader and Sveriges Radio, the news headline "Lööf: Willing to leave the temporary asylum day" left the news. "

Asylagag made lies – did not you?

But that was not easy. In the next breath, the C leader stated that the premise that temporary law should be left is that it is rewritten. The center wants to reintroduce the right to family reunification and the categories of "special and devastating circumstances".

This is the pure opposite of clarity. A team can not be renewed and rewritten at the same time.

An amended temporary law requires hard negotiations between parties that either want to keep the current order, make the law tighter or want to lighten it in a slightly different way.

Was it not possible to resolve such disputes because the Center wanted a parliamentary inquiry?

The new C-marked train system seems to be that the temporary law is renegotiated and replaced by a new, different temporary law, which is then replaced by another law when the parliamentary inquiry has said.

Annie Lööf kicked off the high school team – and saved it

Was Annie Lööf just red in the radio in the morning? No, this is not the first time as her clarity for the thoughts on the mist in Lützen.

During the spring conference on the so-called secondary school law, Lööf announced that the government bill was "an accident". And she agreed with the Council for the Law that the limit was reached for what is acceptable & # 39 ;.

At the same time she announced that the Center would vote on the law.

One reason why Annie Lööf gets away with her piruettes just as well is her compact sense of self-worth.

At the same time, she stressed how extremely important it is that Sweden comes with temporary laws and "returns to a long-term policy" while she was in favor of high school. She got it as if she was about to lose patience with all the other virgin pots of politicians who only find temporary laws. Although she was just thinking, such a law passed through the Riksdag.

And now we are back: Annie Lööf wants a temporary team.

She is not clear. And the more often she thinks it necessary to remember that she is, the more they reason to be skeptical.

Forward! calls Annie Lööf and marches in the fog.

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