Fully developed fire in the villa in Angered – large commission

At 5.55 pm SOS Alarm received a phone call that it should burn in an irritated villa.

– We are here and I have reported that it is a fully developed fire in the villa, says Olsson.

He tells you that three stations have been set up to fight the fire.

Other houses in Danger

It is unclear whether anyone has been injured in the fire.

– There must be a strong smoke development and four ambulances have been informed, "says Sofie Schmit, team leader at SOS Alarm.

About half an hour after the alarm, the situation is still critical.

– We do not control the fire, there is a great risk of spreading to other houses, they are close to us, so we have now risen to four stations, says Martin Olsson.

Are the people in the household out? the burning building?

– Yes, they should have gotten themselves out and I have not heard anything about someone who has been injured.

However, at 19 o'clock SOS Alarm states that one of the ambulances on the spot with a person to a hospital has been driven away.Two ambulances are still in place.

The police are also warned of the fire.


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