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What distinguishes the Hyalomm celebration from the usual types we are used to in Sweden is that it is considerably larger and that it is looking for its bytes.

– They are bigger, more active and faster. They chase their victims and do not wait to pass. If they are full of blood, they can be two centimeters tall, says Giulio Grandi, researcher at the State Veterinary Office, SVA and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.

Birds can be the cause

It is not the first time that the species Hyalomma is found in Sweden, but no adult animals have yet been found, as has happened in three places in the country. A fall in Nyköping in Sörmland, one in Koppom, Värmland and one in Landskrona, Skåne.

"Earlier we found the tick in Sweden on birds, as well as an imported horse from Portugal.This year we have found the same species on horses and this is the first time we find adult ticks, says Grandi.

A possible way to go to Sweden can be migratory birds, which can bring the tigers to the south.

Difficult to settle north

The species is usually found in parts of Asia, Africa and southern parts of Europe. The chance that the gigantic fortunes seem unlikely according to Grandi.

"The winter is pretty long here and in southern Europe the species has not been able to settle in the north of the Alps," he says.

Moreover, Grandi believes that people no longer have to worry about nature in the wild, more than the usual taps of today.

"If they can not find a larger animal, they can give up people, but not at the first choice, and because they are so big, they notice that they are attacking.

Is it normal for the species to have bleeding fever?

"In the rare cases of the tick reported in Northern Europe, there are no signs of bleeding virus and it is not in Sweden," Grandi says.

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