Giants found in Sweden – News (Ecotourism)

The big Hyalom party can be just over two centimeters, they can see it and, according to scientist Giulio Grandi, have been the bearer of bleeding fever in other areas where it was found.

"They are very fast and they are hunters who do not wait for their host without actively searching for a host to attack.If they are full of blood, they can be up to two or three centimeters tall. he.

In the state Veterinary facilitySVA in Uppsala, where Giulio Grandi is working, a multi-year project is under way to investigate how infectious diseases are influenced by a changing climate.

After the public has been asked to submit both live and dead ticks, more than two thousand have been delivered by mail. And now in August three adult models of the Hyalomma species arrived at three different locations.

It is the first time that they are found in Sweden as fully developed sexually oriented individuals.

A possible way here are migratory birds, which can bring the tigers to the south.

Generally, sign, of different species, sent from 90 percent of all Norrland municipalities. It is surprising, says Ann Albihn, a laboratory at SVA, and adjunct professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

"We have strong indications that there are more fortresses far to the north and in the mountains than we had imagined.

Probably infected of bleeding fever from the large and aggressive Hyalom celebration is very low, according to Ann Albihn. Similarly, it is unlikely that it will soon be located in Sweden.

But in the longer term and with climate change it can be different:

"This tick can find something new to cope with the slightly harsh Swedish climate, and it can learn winter.

Those who survive are those who adapt, "says Ann Albihn.

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