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Center Party & # 39; s hut in flames

A hut has been set on fire in Vallentuna.
Both the rescue and the police were warned about the site shortly after midnight.
"It's burned in the Center Party's hut and it's likely someone has left," said Jens Mårtensson, chief officer of the Stockholm Police.
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Fire in the elderly – woman in hospital with smoke injury
The police still robbed the dead in Åtvidaberg

Joseph, 55, suspected of 20-year-old boy words – can hide in a hut

He is suspected of having killed and raped Nicky Verstappen 11, 20 years ago.
Now Joseph Brech (55) is lost without a trace in the French mountains – and he was summoned by Interpol.
"He is a survival specialist who lives in nature, does not spend money and does not have a telephone", says detective Peter R de Vries.
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Here they buy six completely open – in the middle of Stockholm

In the neighborhood around Mäster Samuelsgatan in Stockholm the sex industry is completely open.
Men stop picking up or dropping prostitutes – sex shops are day and night within a stone's throw of the most important tourist resorts.
"Fewer people see street prostitution than before, but those who see them are more common," says Lena Svärd, head of the Social Services Mikamottagning department in Stockholm.
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Police: "Very difficult to prove crime"
The question: "Do you want sex?"

Hov1 comment on the accident: "Uncomfortable and terrible"

Two girls were injured and taken to hospital after a concert in Gröna Lund with Hov1 earlier this week.
Now the group tells them that they have been in contact with the wounded.
"They are still good after the circumstances, but we are scared to death, they say to the Nöjesbladet.
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Hatstorm – after "Karlsson Bluff"

More than a month ago, Canadian journalist David Pagnotta unveiled John Tavare's new club address.
On Thursday, he delivered "big" news about Erik Karlsson.
Too bad for the Canadians, the whole thing ended in the dark and a hate storm.
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Hissed the flag of pride at school start – shouted with applause

During the start of the school, the pride flag was lifted at a school in Ystad.
The school has been doing it for three years now.
"We want to strengthen that we stand for equal value, acceptance, tolerance and solidarity," says director Eva Månsson.
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The divisions are as deep as 400 years ago

JONNA SIMA: The number of billionaires has increased fivefold. Löfven must get a plan for equality.
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