Gotland has no power – again

Gotland was powerless on Sunday – again. It is still unclear what exactly is the cause of the power to pass, reports the news site, Gotland. Energy company Gotland Energi, Geab, has solved the problem.

"We have a fault in our electricity grid and I just go to the operational center for a better overview", says Jan Karlsson, CEO of the company on the news site at 3.10 pm on Sunday.

In the beginning it was unclear how many parts of the island were affected by the power outage. By the 16th century it was clear that it was all over Gotland.

"It turned out that we had a total interruption on the island, so the whole of Gotland is hit by a power outage, we are currently striving for tension on the island, we have started gas turbines and are also busy with the reboot of the Gotland cable, says Jan Karlsson at 15.50 to Hela Gotland.

The prediction at that time was that the electricity would soon be back.

– Normally, in these cases we can run again in one and a half hours. So 17 is what we strive for, but it is still so early that it can also take longer, "says Jan Karlsson on the news site.

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