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Parts of Kungsholmen were besieged on Saturday.

The Nazis had also received permission for a walking demonstration, but they did not continue with the planned march. NMR representatives argued that the group did not have the location and the march in the more central parts of Stockholm that the organization really wanted. The demonstration therefore became silent.

Under a loud list, accompanied by drums, they were counted as NMR called "people traitors". It was the name of a large number of politicians from right to left.

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Motom samples behind the exclusions.

At the same time, three nuclear hunters traveled around a small rubber boat on the Riksdag, with a flag and a predetermined number.

Many opponents

An anti-racist demonstration housed in Kronobergsparken and the total of a few hundred people according to the police. Even at the various locks in the streets leading to Kungsholmstorg, opponents gathered. A little in Scheelegatan stood a few hundred people and scanned "No Nazis on our streets".

The police did not have any figures on Saturday night early on the number of people being detained.

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Large parts of Kungsholmen are blocked under nuclear demonstrations by the Nazis.

The licensed demonstrations were carried out without any inconvenience, says Lars Byström, Presidential Police spokesman.

When the NMR demonstration was over, the Nazis left the subway station. A few stations away they picked up their cars in police cars and left without any interference with opponents.

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The map shows the events that take place in Stockholm on Saturday.

During the Friday evening and the night until Saturday, the police have treated at least seven people across the country under the Aliens Act.

They believed they were a risk for order and safety, "says Lars Byström.

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Policemen are preparing for the NMR demonstration at Kungsholms Torg in Stockholm.

He does not want to say from which countries the care providers come or from which group they are members.

Torn through the streets

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Participant in the NMR demonstration in Kungsholmstorg in Stockholm.

The security police provided information to the Stockholm police during the Nazi demonstration.

In this situation we see that reports and other cases are available to the police and that they can continue to work on this basis, "said Karl Melin, press officer at the security department.

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The police have blocked a large part of the area around the NMR demonstration.

It was busy in the streets of Stockholm. Revolutionary Communist Youth (RKU) held a demonstration with the Northern Bantorget as a starting point. In Kungsträdgården there was a large Korean cultural festival, and between the Vasapark and Humlegården there was an animal rights barrier.

In addition, a large demonstration of the right to strike on the North Bantorget was held under the slogan "Strike Back". There was a mess between demonstrators and police for a short time.

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