Grenade wrapped in a car in Hagsätra – insulted by a bomber

Someone broke a car window and threw a grenade in Hagsätra in Stockholm into a car, according to information from Aftonbladet.

"We have blocked an area because of a suspicious dangerous object," says Per Fahlström, with the police.

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Exclusions in Hagsätra.

On Monday, the owner of the car discovered that a box was crushed to the car and then saw a grenade in the car.

"Someone has thrown a grenade that has not exploded," said a source for Aftonbladet.

The police confirm that they are making continuous efforts in Hagsätra.

"We are in place and are blocked by an area because of a suspiciously dangerous object," said Per Fahlström, presidential spokesperson for the police.

According to the information from Aftonbladet, the sprint stays in the grenade. Both poachers and national bombing are called to the site, the source mentions.

"I can not say anything because I have not received any information yet", says Per Fahlström.

Researches apartments in the neighborhood

In addition to investigating the car and the crime scene, the police are also working on searching for suspicious objects in an apartment in the area, according to the Aftonbladet data.

A witness working in the neighborhood tells us that a large area, about 100 meters or more, is blocked.

"The police said it was a crime scene and they could not say more than that, then they sent me away, the witness says.

The people who live in the locks and wanted to get out, were escorted by the police when they left their apartments, he said for Aftonbladet.

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