Grocery store on fire in Trelleborg – a person to the hospital

At 23.25 hours in the late Sunday evening, SOS was warned that a small supermarket in the Fagerängen district in East Trelleborg was being burned.

The rescue service is present, as well as a "handful of police patrols."

– We are there and block so that the rescue service will be able to fight the fire, "said Calle Persson to the police

Accommodation in nearby residential buildings evacuated

A man who was on the spot was sent to The Aftonbladet sources have to be found in the spine The state of injury is initially unclear

– But it is unclear whether he was injured at the moment in connection with the fire.

The police wrote on his website that patrols were sent to the hospital for interrogation with the injured man, and it was written that homes were evacuated in an adjoining residential building.

The cause of the fire is still unclear.

There is no hope to save the building

At 4 am the rescue service is still in place with four stations There is no hope to save the building and it is expected remain in place until Monday morning.

Residents who had permission to leave a nearby property during the late Sunday evening are still evacuated. How much they are – and where they temporarily house is unclear.

– It seems to be able to burn through the roof of the building. We will stay in place and will stay until this morning, I would believe, "said Magnus Strid, guard of the guard at the rescue service, and continues:

– There should be no risk of further evacuation of property, but it is clear that, if it burns through the roof, sparks can escape.

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