Gunilla Persson tells – after suspected theft

Gunilla Persson is in the pipe after being prosecuted for theft in the US this spring.

The Hollywood woman was sued by security cameras and the police when she walked out with sunglasses worth $ 4,700 from an exclusive store in Palm Beach, Florida – without paying.

Now Gunilla Persson says that the attention of the judicial process has been tense in her own way.

"Well, emotionally, maybe it's not right at the moment, it's a shame that if something boring happens, it will be very big in the media, for example, I received double bills when I was arrested by the Florida police Incident you mentioned, but what do you think will happen when I get acquitted? In the best case it will be a small note in the paper, she says to Aftonbladet and continues:

– Everyone remembers the bills and the headlines and nobody reads the note. You understand where I want to come. You are condemned without trial. I become very sad when I think about it. Can we let it go now?

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Denies crimes: "A misunderstanding"

It was May 22 that Gunilla Persson was arrested by a police officer near a Chanel store in the city of Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the police report, the profile went to a luxury store in a city in Florida where she suspected she had worn the sunglasses.

According to the police Gunilla Persson puts the sunglasses on his head, he pays for a handbag and leaves the shop without paying for the sunglasses – something that is taken by a security camera, according to the police report.

Gunilla Persson was stopped by a policeman on a street near the store.

The police report describes how Gunilla Persson, during the conversation with the police, took the sunglasses out of his handbag and put them on his head.

"She continued to talk as if the sunglasses were hers," the police wrote in the notification.

The police report mentions that the price tag on that team was removed from the sunglasses.

According to police, Gunilla Persson claimed that she would return the sunglasses to the store later.

Gunilla Persson denies crimes and said earlier that the incident is a misunderstanding.

– This is a misunderstanding and she is innocent. We look forward to doing this in due time, her lawyer Michael Murphy said earlier.

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