Had misdiagnosed Alzheimer's – for ten years – News

Yesterday I cried a lot, the tears just ran away, the 65-year-old woman says to the radio.

After the message of Alzheimer's, the woman took her retirement and cleaned her house to help family members, convinced she was not long in time to live. She blogged daily about the disease wrote the book "I and my Alzheimer".

What do people have to believe? I have read and written a book, all the time believing that everything I feel is due to a disease. And then my thought was to support others with the disease. I feel a bit of a fraud, she says.

When the woman after a few years of diagnosis felt that she was not deteriorating, she returned to her geriatrics, but she was assured that the diagnosis had been indicted.

We shake and say that the doctor probably confused the photos with someone else because I felt so good.

After a few years the woman asked for a referral to the Academic Hospital in Uppsala, where it was determined that she had no diagnosis. According to head physician Lena Kilander, the previous diagnosis of Alzheimer's had a wrong basis.

In retrospect, it is very shaky and tragic, says Kilander.

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