Here is the first kicking for Norrbotniabanan – P4 Norrbotten

It is the first piece that has received a clear sign, between Umeå and Dava.

"It feels very good, it has been discussed for a long time, but now we are here," says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S).

But the government lacks funding for the entire route, which should go from Umeå to Luleå. At this moment you only have money for Skellefteå. The spitting is done only a few weeks before the election, so the moderate MP Edward Riedl suspects pickpockets.

"It is clear that you are trying to deceive the voters, you have made promises before Norrbotniabanan, but you have not delivered a millimeter of track," said Edward Riedl (M).

However, the prime minister does not agree with this criticism.

– That is not true, the moderates have been against it all the time. When we voted for our budget in the autumn of 2014, funding for this railway was removed, says Stefan Löfven (S).

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