Here it is important to get Åkesson to call P3 for a "ski channel"

Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson became really pissed when he was in the Swedish P3 program Morning Pass. The reason was that Åkesson was exposed to a "frying" just before the program.

"That's about what I expect from this ski channel I'm in. It's getting a bad mood now, but it's not my fault, I'm here because I know I have to, but I'd rather let it go," Jimmie Åkesson said. in the P3 interview.

Jimmie Åkesson also said that he would rather shut down the entire radio channel.

"If I had been a boss, I would have pushed P3 right down, I think it's the left linguistic lubrication.

But how was that when Åkesson was angry?

Here is an extract from the roast, held by the P3 employee Christopher Garplind.

"One thing I hate with Jimmie Åkesson is that he is a farmer, he does not like Sweden as much as you can believe, he did not name Sweden in the World Cup, but in Saudi Arabia.

They could give 5002 times the money, that temptation could not bear Jimmie because he is a game addict. He can not keep money at all when it comes to games.

During his first time on the Riksdag, he bought three trotters every day instead of lunch. A consequence of this was that he fell a lot. However, extrakilona seems to be back now. He is Sweden Oprah, a weight pioneer of rank.

This makes Jimmie a model for all possible boys with strong leg pockets, like me. There are many girls who are body activists, and it is only a matter of time before we see Åkesson naked on Instagram. "

The statement of Jimmie Åkesson about the deposition of P3 has produced strong reactions in politics in Sweden. The left party is, among other things, party leader Jonas Sjöstedt strongly criticized Åkesson.

– This shows that the Swedish Democrats want to criticize media criticizing SD. It follows a pattern that we saw in Hungary and Poland, that the first thing that high-extremists who get the power to do focus on free cultural life, Jonas Sjöstedt said earlier today to Nyheter24.

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