Homeless people must have been harassed for years

• 8 August: A homeless person from Romania is found dead in a park in Huskvarna.

• 15 August: after the autopsy the police concludes that it is a murder and changes the title.

• August 16: Several people gather in the Salvation Army building to commemorate the memory of the dead man.

• Mid-August: film clips come into circulation on social media.

• 20 August: a young person under the age of 15 is questioned by a police suspect for abuse.

• August 21: another boy, also he under the age of 15, is questioned by the police suspected of being unruly.

• 25-26 August: a 16-year-old boy is arrested during his absence by the prosecutor who is suspected of murder.

• 27 August: at 8.50 am the suspect boy is arrested. He is assigned a lawyer and arrested later in the day.

• On the same day, the court orders another boy, younger than 15, a legal advisor. According to information, he is also suspected of the murder.

• Later in the afternoon, the Public Prosecution Service will send a press release stating that a person has been arrested. Prosecutor Linda Schön also writes that "we question with different parties involved".

• 30 August: the 16-year-old is arrested, probably suspected of murder.

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