Horse owner: It is a serious feed crisis – P4 Blekinge

– Oron is justified. It is a problem for many to get food. There are also big rising costs for the food for the animals, which can have serious consequences, especially for entrepreneurs, "said Maria Hjelm Nilsson of Häst i Sydost, who was the initiator of the meeting.

About 25 entrepreneurs The horse industry and other horse owners came to the meeting as a horse in Sydost, a project within the LRF, arranged at the University of Applied Sciences in Ronneby.

County Administrative Board and LRF Sydost inform about free advice and provide practical advice.

Many solve the emergency crisis when buying imported feed.
"It is a problem to get good quality food," says Maria Hjelm Nilsson.

The question of how member organizations and authorities can organize themselves to improve their preparedness for the future will lift Maria Hjelm Nilsson as a new national strategy for horse entrepreneurs will be drawn up later this year.

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