Hot against staff – Intensive department locked

Photo: Erik Svensson

A threat to the staff forced the Norrland University Hospital in Umeå to lock the intensive care unit. Stock Photography.

There is a threat from staff in the intensive care unit at Norrlands University Hospital in Umeå. The department has therefore been closed since last week and only authorized personnel can participate.

– It concerns individual employees in our clinic. This has no influence on patient care ", says Johan Thunberg, deputy operational manager of the Center for Anesthesia, Operation and Intensive Care, for Västerbotten Kurir.

Johan Thunberg does not want to go deeper into what kind of threat it is. He previously agreed that employees had a threat to themselves, but say that it is much more common for patients to have it.

"There may be criminals who have been injured in settlements and the like, or ordinary citizens who may have threats that are not changed by being sick or wounded.

It is unclear how long the restrictions on the department continue to exist.

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