"It is journalism at its best"

The letter, which came to DN's editors last May, was well substantiated. Esa Teittinen was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison for a murder he had not committed.

– The letter in the letter was credible, he was systematic and referred to judgments and to persons who could strengthen his duties. So I started looking at the case, says DN & # 39; s reporter Katarina Lagerwall.

The work does not always work easy. As received in the first location in Saltvik and since Norrtäljeanstalten, Esa Teittinen had limited opportunities for contact with the outside world.

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Lawyer Marko Tuhkanen, who struggled for a long time to resign in the case, was often the link to the outside world and to the reporters.

"Marko Tuhkanen was very helpful, both he and Esa Teittinen have contributed a lot to their work, says Katarina Lagerwall.

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The announcement of the Court of Appeal came during the Friday: Esa Teittinen will be released in prison after eight years. In his decision, the court states that "further enforcement of the sentence imposed by Esa Teittinen by judgment Svea Hovrettes may not take place on October 21, 2010".

"It feels especially good for Ezas, and in terms of journalism it feels great to be involved in writing the story in this way, given the thin evidence I would call the verdict a legal scandal", says Katarina Lagerwall.

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Esa Teittinen is it third party that has been repaired in a short time, largely thanks to DN and other media audits. In May last year, the unjustly murdered Kaj Linna was released after 13 years in prison.

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In March of this year all suspicions were rejected against the brothers Robin and Christian, who were accused 20 years earlier of murdering 4-year-old Kevin.

"It is journalism at its best when you get involved and implement such a change", says Katarina Lagerwall.

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