Jimmie Åkesson does not know

The Swedish Democrats appear as a single party after the hearing with Jimmie Åkesson.

When SD leader Jimmie Åkesson arrived on Swedish television on Sunday evening before the interview, he made a strong appeal to the "lie" factory of the Social Democrats for the journalists gathered.

Jimmie Åkesson is tactical, but had trouble answering other questions than the migration and refugee policy.

Jimmie Åkesson is tactical, but had trouble answering other questions than the migration and refugee policy.

It was a symptomatic Åkessonagerande. Focus on others! Force opponents to retreat. Populist parties often lack detailed programs for their profound changes in society. And it is difficult for the party to answer questions about the effects and consequences of their own proposals.

So also Åkesson. During the hearing, it was repeated that the party leader had no knowledge of parts of SD & # 39; s own proposals. "I come back, I do not know", was mentioned several times.

It was SD's climate initiatives and it was about how the municipalities would be influenced by SD's budget proposals. Here the SD leader is clearly above to be answered. It is the refugee and migration policy, as well as culture and police affairs that the & # 39; ethos & # 39; of the party. Other issues are devoted to less troubled interest.

The pattern was repeated when Åkesson was asked how the party's alternative for the EU looks like a "Swexit". There are no answers.

Åkesson speaks of Switzerland as a model – but neglects the fact that a country that would hardly leave the Union would have an advantageous negotiation solution. Åkesson also talked about Sweden's extensive trade with the EU countries before entering the 1990s without mentioning that the EU itself increased trade between Member States.

Here is the typical SD selector in "Industry-Sweden" who would suffer from a withdrawal and restrictions on Swedish exports. The same voters as the SD recurrent refers to "the people".

The lack of relevance and accuracy was also noticed when Åkesson said that Sweden can leave the UN refugee convention, which is "passé".

Leaving treaties would undermine Sweden's international credibility. Rhetoric is not substantiated. The analysis is missing.

This also applies to dual citizenship that SD wants to abolish for everyone except Nordic citizens. But Estonian, then, said the questions. It is tempting to remind the Estonian Swedes of the close ties between the people on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

Åkesson is a skilled tactician. On the highly criticized so-called Gal-Tan scale, which could be called the well-meaning scale, the leader of the SD places the party with the moderates. A few times before, Åkesson breathed that SD guarantees that the policy is not drawn far to the right.

SD is not a right party. It is not liberal, nor conservative, but populist. It relies on prosperity on the one hand and on fiscal populism on the other.

During the last parliamentary term, SD suspended tax cuts in parliament with the Social Democrats. When the electoral base changes and liberal and conservative solutions dominate the community debate, the party is called the right. So the populist parties usually behave. They exchange views on tax and prosperity according to opinion and parliamentary circumstances. There is no clear idea base, no ideological compass.

Swedish Democrats often say that they are not treated in the same way as other parties in the media.

It can certainly be true in different ways. (And all answers may not be positive for the media as a whole).

However, from the interview to assess, SD's own party leader is closest to getting tricky questions other than migration and immigration.

At that moment there is also room for self-examination of the media. SD must be treated like other parties, also in terms of economy, climate and municipal budgets.

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