Jimmie Åkesson was so good at SVT's hearing.

Jimmie Åkesson is not like the other party leaders. They can be frank. But he is busy.

In a smartly organized PR-coup, SD collapsed a large media show and accused Stefan Löfven of lying. Or have become angry.

The evening program of Jimmie Åkesson was busy from the start. First party leadership research at SVT, then dueling with Jimmie Åkesson at the same company, then listening questions in Sveriges Radio.

But late in the afternoon it was announced that Åkesson would appear again. When he was 19 he would "make an important statement about the election movement".

Media interest in SVT:s hearings had been pretty cool until then. But now the entrance to the SVT was full. What had Åkesson found now?

The important explanation turned out to be an enormous impulse for the Social Democrats in general and Stefan Löfven in particular. The party district (S) is a lie factory, Stefan Löfven, a lie in hell, or completely confused.

– Either he is completely upset, has lost it completely or he is lying. Both things make him unsuitable as prime minister, Åkesson said and hurried forward.

Social Democrats claim that SVerigedemocraten want to dismantle the municipal leveling system, mainly intended for poor, sparsely populated municipalities. According to Åkesson it is completely wrong. S also claims that SD wants to abolish rental rules and make it much more expensive to live. It is also completely wrong, according to Åkesson.

Whatever you think of Åkesson's pr-coup, a low jump or justified criticism, you must give SD that they are adept at exploiting the situation. My veteran is the first time that a party calls for a press conference at the entrance of the TV house (and quite surprising that SVT has made it happen).

Compared to Jimmie Åkesson and SD's own frightening planning, SD's actual hearing was a rather cramped stance, with Jimmie Åkesson essentially having permission to follow his home plan among refugees and newcomers.

But in the beginning he ended up surprisingly enough in the defense. Then it is forbidden to hide refugees to be rejected because they did not receive permission for their asylum application. And if it would be a legal duty to report whether the neighbor is hiding people or using black labor.

In the beginning, like Jimmie Åkesson, it sounded like that, and he said so in previous interviews. But then he said that it was not SD's policy that he reasoned for the case, but it would probably not be governed by the law that you should go out to the neighbor.

A little later followed a confused section that related to what a Swede is. Jimmie Åkesson felt that if you are praying, you are not a Swede. He also does not think Afghans should make clot.

They do not understand either because Those who fall under the Universal Defense Obligation must be Swedish citizens. If the example of Jimmie Åkesson & # 39; s Afghans has a dual nationality, of which I do not even know if it is possible, ask the question for another day.

There was also a lot of talk about the taxes that the Swedish Democrats want to reduce by 25 billion. Most, as a percentage, for those who earn the least but the most, in terms of crowns, for those who earn the most. It is very difficult to create tax tables that do not get that outcome.

But that was not the most interesting. Without this the company of Jimmie Åkesson is again. He said that he and his party are closest to the Alliance in tax matters. But most social democrats in welfare issues.

"We guarantee that a civil government does not go far to the right.

Progress is only the first name. Even though he said it earlier.

Plus and minus Jimmie Åkesson

Good or bad performance for the party

Åkesson could only talk about his favorite questions, so the hearing was good for the Swedish Democrats. The only exception to the favorites list was the climate. But neither did the leader of the SD fall into pitfalls.

Right answer

Jimmie Åkesson answered the questions, although he did not always accept the question.


The SD leader often seems that debates or hearings in which he participates are a bit easily painful and uninteresting. So even during this hearing. The only time he was really involved was in the quiz quiz in which he was afraid that he was wrong (and he did that especially).


Grading: World-class. Very well. Good. Approved. Bad. Expire.

This is Lena Mellin 00:25

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