Jonas Sjöstedt: "We are Citizens, No Profitability Calculations"

The left leader concentrated on class slots – and how he wants to level them – during his speech in Malmedalen.

On Saturday, Jonas Sjöstedt gave lectures on the Malmedal Week in the Vänskapsparken in Rosengå Hussein El-alawi

When Jonas Sjöstedt makes an entry for the scene of Malmedal, hundreds of people have entered, in a further desolate festival site, the eighth day of this policy festival.

The leftist leader begins and ends his speech with one and the same vision: he says he dreams of a Sweden where all six-year-olds "go to kindergarten" and have the same conditions to become what they want.

So it is not today, says Sjöstedt and spreads the text about the school:

"People are sorted in the school elections.

"It knows every parent in Sweden, if the school is not right, we take our child and move it to another school, and then we leave the other children behind, so that they get what they want best, I want a society in which not only my child, but all children have a good school.

The way there? Relax the free school elections, says the left party. Jonas Sjöstedt emphatically states that well-being should not become a market. Care and care must also be protected against profit gains.

"We will be citizens, not profitability calculations," he said and greeted the audience with cheers and applause.

"It does not look like a smile when you are rich or poor in Sweden," says Sjöstedt and lighthouses of a Vallöfte: expensive protection for dental Hussein El-alawi

His progress report on the country Sweden states:

"How does Sweden from one of the world's most equal countries to a tax haven for the richest?

Jonas Sjöstedt smacks his chest and says that his party is the only one "who has such a policy of equality, with reforms that help to create our well-being". He also applies a number of concrete picking promises:

• High-quality protection for dental care. "It should not be a joke if you are rich or poor in Sweden".

• Increase wages in women-dominated low-wage schools, including childcare and care for the elderly. "We also have a feminist policy, we want an economic equality between women and men."

• Free costs in the cultural school. "Any young person who wants to play guitar or dance should never lose the hearing at the dining table."

The reforms that the Left Party wants to do require the "richer reward", says Jonas Sjöstedt from the scene.

– Today a billionaire can pay a lower tax than the one who works as a bus driver. And it is the same property price, whether you have a castle or a cabin. We have a tax system where the strongest pay more, and those with back pain pay less.

He criticizes the government at various points, among other things because he "did not dare to touch the RUT deduction", making it possible for billionaires to deduct cleaning at home.

"But we managed to get rid of the RUT discounts for the cocktail party at home and for indoor swimming pools," says Leader Leader.

At the end of his speech, Jonas Sjöstedt plans to market the left party as a feminist party, and a party that also takes the climate issue seriously, with proposals such as free public transport and that it is cheaper to travel by train to go beyond flights.

And when the walnut is approaching more and more, he says:

"I hope we can give Kristersson and Åkesson a long nose on the evening of the elections, and I do not want their cold correct policies.

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