Kadhammar: a day in Löfven feels like a wasted day

Solleftea / Timra / Sundsvall.

There are days in the life of a politician and in a constituency that you wonder why they exist at all.

On Monday there was one.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven had gotten up in the morning, maybe he was warm and full of energy, maybe he was tired and miserable. I will lean on it later. He met in the eighth of the following sections:

"New fraud figures for S – against catastrophe"

It was Aftonbladet. The title of the Express Solder:

"The flight: the most loyal voter leaves the Löfven"

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Stefan Löfven during the square meeting in Sundsvall.

The state minister at breakfast. He brushed his teeth. He went to Sollefteå. It is not only the children's city of Stefan Löfven, it is also the core of social democracy, a kind of socialist base in an increasingly bourgeois and hostile world. In such a place, the Social Democratic leaders can feel confident.

But in Sollefteå the party has filed BB and hospital emergency operations and created anger in the village. So the returning son was not met by enthusiastic crowds and waving toddlers. He was met by a carriage with the text: "Never forget the betrayal of the bosses at the Sollefteå hospital".

The car was outside the rescue site that the Löfven would visit. At the entrance a banner was hung between two birches: "We need dignified care throughout Sweden, including Norrland."

Yes, there are days in the life of a politician who have emptied energy and content from the beginning. I do not think he was happier, because there was still a banner between two birches on the highway 87, a flag that, like the wind, screamed, shouted: we're there! we mean something!

"Social Democrats Sollefteå The party that the municipality develops," said it, black and white.

That can be true. But there are times when the truth loses meaning and it is the wind that counts. The small caravan of the state secretary drove the small turnaround before the entrance of the government service, first the minibus with a Säpoman and the staff press secretary, a political expert, a program officer – and then the black Audi with dark rear windows and finally a Volvo with more Säpo.

If the day was already empty, it was difficult to understand. What did Stefan Löfven do here? Why did he let himself be accompanied by red fire engines and ambulances in the big hall, and why did he let himself know how big the area is for the rescue service, how much noise is the emergency service immediately sending all the alarms with Prio 1?

"If there is a heartbeat, we go straight ahead," said rescue chief Andreas Hoff. Mm, said Löfven. Mm. Mm. OK.

With creepy regularity a metal voice said in a loudspeaker: scalloped door open, shell protective door open. Then there was a door open somewhere. It sounded like a science fiction movie.

"We invoice the provincial council," Hoff said.
– Mm. Yes. Yes, said Löfven. Mm.

People and journalists were forced around them. Was it for them that Stefan Löfven was here? By listening patiently and asking questions – "Do you have the ability to talk … just talk to you?" – he showed that he cares about the medical services in Sollefteå and Western Norway.

The journalists would certainly know that. The closure of BB was a regrettable consequence of the previous malnutrition of the provincial council by the citizens.

TV. Radio. Newspapers. They would spread the message. The Prime Minister's visit would still be marked. But would anyone care?

The journey continued along the coast. The small convoy ran twelve miles to the Arenaskolan in Timrå. The lion looked tired when he reached Audin at 3.30 pm and was being directed for aulan where teachers had a meeting for the coming term.

The walls were black, the floor was of light wood. The teachers were sitting on light wooden chairs. Someone put headphones on Löfven's head and he spoke a little about the importance of the school. He only looked at the light floor in his dark gray suit.

I looked at the clock. It would have been a normal working day. Stefan Löfven had visited the rescue service in Sollefteå and now this meeting with teachers. It is only three weeks before the elections. According to the polls, the Social Democrats are confronted with their worst choice ever.

Sources, said Löfven. More resources for developing school. More teachers. More new teachers. 10,000 new training sites. Increase the status of the teaching profession. 67,000 teachers have received 2500 SEK per month.

Should be more time with the children, he said, much more time with the children. Hiring more teachers, he said again.

The teachers asked questions. Two Säpomän looked at the door to Aulan. He turned his wedding ring when he listened. He held his hands in front of his stomach. He was sympathetic and told about his own education.

He likes to write something about his simple roots. Young worker. Nevertheless, he went to school with the daughter of the architect, the son of the lawyer and the son of Aseachefen. It was before the citizens created brotherhoods and the unfortunate segregation.

The prime minister received applause and a hockey shirt. More applause. He hurried to the car for transport to Sundsvall, where he would talk in the square.

There in Audin was the work leader of Sweden. Löfven is the only party leader who can proudly act as an employee. He is a man from the depths of the people.

There were many people in the square. He spoke for a vepa where he stood "A stronger society, a stronger Sweden". He was good. He spoke about the terrible poverty auctions that were abolished 100 years ago.

We have a short time on earth, he said. He also said in Almedalen. It is up to everyone what we want to do with that moment. He counted on the excellent performance of the government. Lowest government debt since 1977. Applause. Highest employment rate measured in the EU. Applause. Do not give the Swede influence on democracy. Applause.

Yes, that was a good number.

If a party leader can handle the currents in the general population, it must be Stefan Löfven, the old welders and the unionist from Western Norway.

And yet these disaster figures in the surveys, this emptiness around the party and the lack of energy. What is missing? What can he not catch?

He smiled warmly and spontaneously against a little girl.

Then Stefan Löfven took the 19-flight back to Stockholm.

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