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Between August 29 and September 1 has been arranged Kalmar week for the sixth consecutive year. The program is meant for everyone, young and old. And the theme for this year is sustainability, where it will be possible to learn everything about the food of the future and how the individual can work against climate change.

– Kalmarsundsveckan is a meeting place for sustainable development with a fantastic Almedal teaching program. There will be supermilie fans, you will be able to teach yourself in the fall and also see how you can make money with sustainability, says Anna Thore, WSP, project manager.

"We want to create this location and platform for the Kalmarsundweek, where those who work with these questions can show how far they've come to work and inspire others, and both the public and other stakeholders will learn that it's both profitable and can be sustainable, he says Théresé Andersen, Communications Manager at Kalmar Energy.

Some of the big names who visited the Almedalweek and who also visit the Kalmarsundweek are: the Minister of Environment Karolina Forest, Minister for Gender Equality Lena Hallengren and Fores CEO Mattias Goldmann.

– There are lots of lunches where we have lunch, so you have only one hour to go – go there, cook lunch and cook. Then you can go back to work after you have taken knowledge and food, "says Théresé Andersen.

The actors behind and which are in place during the week: Kalmar Municipality, County Administrative Board, Kalmar Energy, Linnaeus University, KSRR, Kalmar Water, Skanska, Länsförsäkringar Kalmar County and WSP.

You can find the program for the entire week here.

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