KD and SD in Sölvesborg start a conversation

In a press release, SD Sölversborg writes that the Christian Democrats have left a list of points they would like to cooperate with.

"We can not ignore 20 per cent of voters, so we are open to listening, but we have promised a number of partners," says Robert Manea, Group Manager for KD in Sölvesborg.

The list that the Christian Democrats have left to SD contains mainly points about the school, the elderly and the business community.

Robert Manea stressed that the parties did not promise each other any cooperation, but that they might think they were talking. He also says that KD belongs to the alliance and that they have no plans to lead the municipality together with SD.

"We welcome KD's decision to take responsibility and I believe that their mature consideration will contribute to a reduction in polarization, which naturally favors democracy," said Louise Erixson in the press release, group leader of the Swedish Democrats in Sölvesborg. .

The text is updated.

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