KD can not negotiate with SD

Sweden Democrats it seems that migration is the biggest battle in Swedish politics, according to Ebba Busch Thor.

"In practice, the three largest parties have the same policy: not many brain cells are needed to find out what the basis of the Swedish migration policy will be," she says during the hearing in Ekot.

Jimmie Åkesson says stand for a certain policy, the KD peak shows.

"But the movement shows time and time again that we can not live in accordance with it." There is a crucial difference in ideology and human perception that prevents us from meeting each other during negotiations. "

The moderates want to end the temporary law now, after which the family immigration will in principle be stopped, unless the person in Sweden can prove that he has worked for a year and can support the family.

"We will not be able to return to migration legislation that existed before 2015. We still need a long-term overview and controlled migration policy, but it is important that we reunite small children with their parents in Sweden," says Ebba Busch Thor.

However, she does not want to call it an ultimatum.

"I will not put an ultimatum on this issue, but Ulf Kristersson knows how important this is for us."

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